What is Safe Sex – Emotionally and Physically?

What is safe sex?

Safe sex is more than just birth control, it’s about knowing how to take care of yourself, as a woman, how to avoid bad things from happening. There’s no guarantee nothing will happen to you, but you can arm yourself with knowledge and a way of protecting yourself from physical and emotional hurt.

Physically Looking Out For Yourself

Self Defense

My first recommendation is every woman should take a self defense class. Call around there are usually places that offer it, it might be a gym, or a community organization. Most women I know can’t over power a man, we just don’t have the muscle that men have. But there are a lot of moves you can learn that have nothing to do with muscle mass, it will help you to defend yourself if you end up in a bad situation.

You may think that your instincts will kick in and you’ll just know what to do. That’s not always the case, it’s the fight or flight response, and most people want to run from the situation (not a bad idea) but a lot of people end up with that deer in the headlights look and really don’t know how to save themselves. Learning a few moves could save your life.

Out For Drinks / Girls Night Out

Whether your at the bar, a lounge, a restaurant or some one’s house there is the very real and scary possibility of date rape. If you go to a party/bar with a friend make sure you both know that you are going to leave together, even if you meet someone that night. This ensures that you’re not influenced into going somewhere else.

At all times watch your drink! Never leave it unattended. Do not put it down on a table, even for a moment. Do not let that drink leave your hands, it takes 2 seconds for something to be dropped into your drink and you’d never know it. If you have to leave your drink, have your friend watch it, or just don’t drink it, order a new drink. It may seem silly but date rape does happen and drinks do get drugged. Don’t let it happen to you!

We all like dressing up to go out. But make sure it’s tasteful, if you can basically see yourself naked through your outfit, you might want to pick another one. Don’t provoke unwanted attention.

How To Avoid Emotional Hurt

Part of safe sex is keeping yourself mentally and emotionally healthy. Some people can keep sex as just sex, but not everyone can be emotionally detached from it. Frequently it means more to the woman then it does to the man. Breaking up with your sexual partner can hurt a lot, especially after you have shared something so intimate.
Start with a relationship

Starting out with a relationship before heading to bed will help you in the long run. Not only are you having sex with someone you care about, but your less likely to be that one night stand. By having a relationship you get to learn about this person, see who they are and whether or not you want to share something that special with him. The better you know the person the more intimate and special that moment will be.

But if I don’t have sex with him, he won’t want to be with me. If that’s the kind of guy he is, then you don’t want to be dating him anyways! If you do have sex with him, because your scared he will leave, he will still leave, he will have gotten what he wanted and will have no more use for you. So drop this guy, there are plenty of great men out there.

So if you are going to have a relationship when should you have sex? The simple answer is when your ready. There’s no guarantee the man will respect you if you jump into bed with him too soon. A good rule of thumb is to wait until the 5th date or later to have sex with him. You should even wait for the oral stuff too. How does this sound? “Hey I just met this girl and she already has my dick in her mouth!” That doesn’t sound good at all and there’s no respect there.

Speak Up!

A lot of people have sex and don’t talk about it with their partner. I don’t think someone should have sex with another person if they aren’t able to talk about it with them. By not talking about it your missing a lot of information.

The first is STIs, that’s incredibly important, that’s your life we’re talking about. You need to discuss these things, find out if your partner has anything or has been recently tested. If you have an STI you need to tell your partner, if it was you, you’d want to know. Don’t give someone a life sentence.

The second thing is talking about what you like, what makes you feel good. There is no excuse for bad sex! If he cares about you, then he cares about pleasuring you. He won’t be happy if you fake it. Just tell him what you like, or guide him to what you like. He will tell you what he likes, and if he’s not, ask him, we’re talking about pleasuring each other and you want it to be good!

The third is what would the other person want to do if you got pregnant? It seems like it would be too early and scary to talk about that, but that is what sex is for, reproducing, and there is always a chance that you can get pregnant. You’re ideas may be entirely different from him. You can eliminate future complications by talking about the what if, before it happens.

Saying No, It’s Easier Then You Think!

Being able to say no is really hard for some people. Here are a few situations you should say no in.

When he says thinks like:

o If you love me you’ll do it.
o If you don’t, I’ll find someone who will.
o Everyone else is doing it.
o It doesn’t matter, it’s just sex.
o My ex used to do _______ for me.
o I love you. (But says it too soon and doesn’t mean it)
o You’re just frigid.
o You don’t want to die alone do you?
o But it just feels so good.
o I promise I’ll pull out.
o I promise I won’t tell anyone.
o I just want to put it in for a second.

When he does things like:

o Gets too grabby.
o Doesn’t stop or slow down when you ask him to (you should just run when this happens).
o Doesn’t ask if you want it or not.
o Yells out someone else’s name.
o Isn’t worried about your pleasure, just his own.
o He forgets your name
o Keeps bugging you about it after you’ve already said no.

Holly Edwards

The Woman’s Survival Guide to Sexual Health

Safe Sex – Is it Really Safe?

Safe Sex is Good For You . . .

Safe sex is good for you – it’s official – medical science says so, everyone wants it and billions of dollars are made through talking about it and selling it in one form or another. However, in the world of bioenergy – where we look at what’s happening to your energy and how it affects your life – things aren’t quite so simple.

According to science, sex stimulates your hormone production, relaxes you, makes you happier and improves your health. But, the problem with biological or medical science is all the other things that are going on that it fails to notice because it isn’t looking for them or simply doesn’t have the means of finding them.

. . . Or is it?

Take Alison for example. She came to see us, suffering from depression, skin problems (dryness, rashes and itching) and fatigue, as well as work, relationship and money problems. She’d tried the usual solutions for her health problems but hadn’t experienced any improvements.

One way we look at any kind of human problem is in terms of the presence of foreign (i.e. other people’s) energies in the body. This is because, when your own energy is properly integrated, you don’t make choices that generate problems in your life. But when your energy is compromised by the presence of a harmful foreign energy (any energy not native to the body is toxic for it), you start creating future problems as a direct consequence of its damaging influence on your words, thoughts and feelings and thus on your life decisions. Although foreign energies are usually unfelt and unseen, they have an ever-increasing negative impact on most people’s life and awareness as time passes.

With one exception (see below), all foreign energies inevitably cause future problems for their ‘owner’ – and not just health problems. Because of the time delay between first receiving a foreign energy and the start of a future problem, it’s impossible to perceive with normal awareness or scientific tests, the connections between new problems and their original, energetic causes. Thus, foreign energies are not unlike invisible time bombs lurking inside you – often for years – before making their presence felt.

In Alison’s case, she had a foreign energy in her 6th chakra, which is found in the same area as the frontal lobes of the brain. This energy had a male polarity and had been there for several years. It was affecting Alison’s choices in areas such as diet, relationships, work, home environment and so on. She told us she’d had a brief affair almost five years previously, with a friend at work. Now that she thought about it, she’d first started getting rashes a year or so after the start of her office fling (the 6th chakra controls the health of the skin).

Having sex is the most invasive route for a foreign energy to enter your body. Even though your natural energetic immune system will eliminate most of your partner’s energy, some of it will remain behind. It will then start causing losses of energy from one or more areas of your life – your health, relationships, wealth, happiness, inner strength, etc. – depending on where it becomes stable. Your own energy – which enables your body, mind and life to function well – is displaced wherever a foreign energy stabilises in you.

Fortunately, Alison eventually overcame her problems by changing her life in ways that eliminated the foreign energy from her body. The changes she needed to make included moving to a place that was resonant with her energy and developing, with the aid of certain exercises and life practices, one of her innate but dormant abilities or “talents.”

Any Effective Remedy Must Eliminate the Underlying Foreign Energy

Of course, problems can often be overcome simply by taking the correct medication. But it’s true to say that any fully effective remedy for any problem – whether it’s a herb, an antibiotic or a therapy session – always eliminates the underlying foreign energy even though the doctor or practitioner will, more often than not, be completely unaware of it.

Having said this, the more energy aware you become, the easier it is to deal with the foreign energies underlying the challenges in your life. One good way is not to pick them up in the first place!

For example, in Hidden Secrets of Real Health (page 198), we describe a simple test for determining if your current sexual relationship is causing your body to accumulate a harmful foreign energy; or (the one exception) a foreign energy that is positively challenging.

A “positively challenging” foreign energy is energy received from someone else that provides you with more of the resources you need for developing your life, awareness and future well-being. This is the energy of an empowering heart [chakra] relationship. The heart chakra is an energy organ located at a slight indentation about two inches up from the bottom of your sternum. A “heart relationship” is so-called because it includes a resonance between two people’s heart chakras.

The heart chakra is sometimes called the “seat of the spirit within.” This is because those with sufficient energy awareness have observed over thousands of years, a very small yet very bright light at the central root of the heart chakra. This is commonly called the “spirit within.” And it is the only part of the human energy body that is invulnerable to foreign energies.

When a resonance exists between two people’s heart chakras, they have the innate capacity to rise to the challenges that naturally appear from time-to-time in any relationship. By appropriately responding to the challenges that appear, they become stronger and more integrated. Without a heart resonance, a relationship will eventually develop issues that cannot be resolved. Then it will either collapse or some issues will continue to poison or damage the relationship, and thus the people in it, no matter how long it may last.

Think Twice about Sex if you’re not in a Heart Relationship

If you aren’t in a heart relationship, you are better off without an intimate sexual relationship. That way you avoid accumulating life and awareness-damaging foreign energies. And you also increase the space in your life for an empowering relationship to appear in your future – which could be tomorrow!

If you are someone who is interested in developing your energy awareness or higher awareness to see beneath the surface of your life – so it doesn’t seem to just be happening to you much of the time – no form of sex is inherently “safe.” Effective traditional spiritual disciplines don’t advocate chastity because they suffer from some quaint sexual hang-ups but, rather, because people who’ve developed a real awareness of human energy can clearly see how it is so often adversely affected by sex.

So, in reality, “safe sex” is a somewhat misleading term. It may save you from some nasty physical bugs but not from the energetic ones. Think twice about sex if you’re not with someone with whom you have a heart relationship. This will never be a popular message, but you will have a brighter and better future in many ways, if you wait for an empowering heart relationship – and avoid the rest.

Lynda & Stephen Kane

The School of Energy Awareness

Want to bring more awareness into other areas of your life? Bringing energy awareness into your life is a magical and transforming process. Stephen and Lynda Kane live what they teach and have created a spiritually empowering living and practice environment in the French Pyrenees from where they help students and clients all over the world bring more wisdom, spirit and awareness into their daily lives.

Genital Herpes Safe Sex – How Will Having Herpes Affect My Sex Life?

Genital herpes effects around 45 million people in the US alone. There is much emphasis on treatment and reducing outbreaks of this common STD, but very little on the emotional side of the disease. Despite being an incredibly common infection, there is a huge stigma attached to contracting herpes, and sufferers can go through emotional turmoil as a result. One of the more common concerns for new sufferers is the question of how will it affect intimacy and sex?

While finding out you have contracted herpes can be a very turbulent experience, one important thing to realise is it doesn’t mean the end of your sex life. While herpes will certainly mean some changes must occur in your sexual relations, you can still enjoy a full and healthy sex life with herpes.

Genital herpes safe sex means simply applying common sense. While during an actual outbreak of sores, abstaining is likely the best option, but there are other things you can try if your partner is willing and comfortable, such as non-coital sex. This means sexual intimacy without penetration, usually mutual masturbation, touching and caressing. Be sure your partner washes any area of their body that comes into contact with the affected part of your body thoroughly afterwards.

In between outbreaks, use condoms to reduce the risk of transmission. A regular treatment of prescription antiviral or natural antiviral medication will also reduce shedding time (the time when the virus is most likely to be transmitted) and reduce the length and severity of your outbreaks overall.

A few other things you can do in practicing genital herpes safe sex include using a lubricant (less friction will make virus particles less likely to adhere to another location) and washing afterwards with diluted hydrogen peroxide can remove the virus from the skin’s surface. If you don’t have hydrogen peroxide, simple soap and water will also go a long way to preventing transmission.

The Reason I Use Collaskin

I am typically not a vain person. I do wear makeup to help myself look better, and I work out to be in good shape. Other than that though, I have never been the type to go crazy over my appearance. However, when I saw my first wrinkle well before I expected it, I did have a minor meltdown. I knew that I was going to have to finally try one of those anti wrinkle creams that are all the rage for women much older than myself. I compared quite a few, and Collaskin was the clear winner for me.

I was very careful in my research for a skin care product. I selected about eight that my friends told me about, then I went online to learn about each one. I did not want to keep trying different ones until I found the one that works. Continue reading “The Reason I Use Collaskin”

How Safe is Safe Sex?

Almost 3-4 decades ago, people would have sex with multiple partners without worrying about deadly diseases. They would not even use condoms. However, after the spread of fatal illnesses like AIDS, Hepatitis-B and similar infections, people have become more concerned about sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). In this article, we want to see how safe is what we call safe-sex?

It is almost impossible to avoid sex and therefore we need to learn about possible dangers of it. We will know about risks and possible workarounds to minimize those threats.

Many people believe that the phrase ‘safe-sex’ is equal to using a condom. Unfortunately the understanding is not correct and this kind of assumption might even increase the spread of sexually transmitted illnesses. People might think they have insured themselves against STDs with a condom and involve themselves with unsafe partners.

Condoms are not 100% reliable. They might break and cause pregnancy or even disease transfer. However, using condom is definitely advised and it will bring down the risk of infection considerably.

We do not want to deny that condoms are a very effective protection. But STDs might be transferred not only from sexual organs, but also from other parts of the body such as mouth. As an example cases have been observed in which AIDS virus has been transferred by oral sex. AIDS virus exists in vaginal fluids and in case of the injuries in mouth or skin, infection might occur. In addition if there are injuries and blood in the mouth of the oral sex giver and no protection is used, the virus can be transferred again.

If you are sexually active or you guess you might have sex, be sure to have a condom with yourself. Learn how to use it correctly and do not forget to use it. It will take 30 seconds to put on a condom while avoiding it might affect your entire life. First rule and the most important one, is to use a condom when having sex. If you are a female, do not agree on having sex without a condom at any circumstances. Having sex with multiple persons at a time using a single condom is also very dangerous and unacceptable.

It is very important to have medical tests before starting a relationship specially a long term one which increases the number of sexual encounters and risk of disease transfer. Also take in mind that some of the diseases need time to appear on tests after the infection. For example AIDS infection might take 3 months to be detected.

People which have sexual relationship with multiple partners and those partners might have sex with other partners are in high risk. This is because a single unhealthy person might transfer the disease to the entire chain very fast. Those having sex with a single partner have a very lower risk of being infected (unless one of the partners has such sexual relationship).

If you have young children in home, we suggest you to teach them about above mentioned information or at least provide it to them. Educating young and unaware people is perhaps the most effective method of decreasing the spread of dangerous sexually transferred diseases. Young people need to know the implications of having risky relationships. Understanding this important point might save their lives.

What is Behind Chronic Yeast Infections?

Candida albicans is a yeast. It occurs naturally in men and women. When it proliferates, it can be a problem. If it begins to grow unchecked by good bacteria that keep it from proliferating, it becomes infectious. It can cause itching, burning and a whitish discharge from the vagina. On the skin, it can appear as red blotches. This usually shows up at areas where the skin comes in contact with itself such as the armpits. Vaginal yeast infections are typically treated with miconazole, but in some places they use a product called Crystal X. It looks like stone that is smooth and is inserted into the vagina after being wet with water.

The problem with just treating Candida albicans topically is that the body does not build up the right combination and amount of good bacteria to keep the yeast from proliferating in the first place. This then results in recurrent yeast infections. Uncontrolled blood glucose levels in diabetes where blood glucose continually runs even a little high can lead to chronic yeast infections. Yeast thrive on sugar, moisture and warmth. Continue reading “What is Behind Chronic Yeast Infections?”

Ipswich Chiropractor and the management of whiplash condition

An Ipswich Chiropractor does play an important role in treating and managing spine related diseases. Whiplash is one of the common spine related diseases. Other spine related diseases may include back pain, herniated discs and neck pain among others. Whiplash is mostly caused by trauma. A trauma is a physical injury it can be imparted by a road accident. The cervical discs are mostly slipped and ruptured. Ipswich chiropractors do manage whiplash symptoms through administration of chiropractic therapy. This type of therapy is administered gently on the patient neck and back region. Chiropractic therapy helps in readjusting the slipped and realigning the misaligned discs. This helps in managing and treating whiplash symptoms.

Lesbian Safe Sex Tips

It amazes me how many women know about having safe sex but often they do not use that knowledge. How we just take the word of the person we are getting naked with as the truth and virus free? If that was a foul proof method we wouldn’t have the STD (sexually transmitted disease) problems we have today!

Growing up in South Africa you learn about HIV and AIDS early on, advertisements and education run ramped in my birth country. Thank goodness that in the Gay community we are a little more educated and pushy about HIV/AIDS education, but still it is the boys doing all the work and putting the information out there. Lesbians remain quiet and some even unaware of the risk of having unsafe sex. I even had a young Lesbian tell me that Lesbians cannot get STDs? Sorry, My Darlings but we are very much susceptible to contracting an STD; in fact no person or groups of people are immune to the spreading of disease. Disease is spread through action, not sexual identity or preference.

The problem lies that when we hear the term OB/GYN we think contraception, and because obviously two ladies cannot make a baby we ignore that part of our medical care. There is a lot more that goes on there then just having a baby and a regular or yearly check up will keep your vagina happy and healthy. A healthy vagina means safer and better sex.

Research shows that Lesbians are at high risk of cervical cancer due to not having regular pap smears and breast examinations (once a year is recommended.) There are many reasons that women do not take care of their sexual health, but there is no excuse. If you are closeted and worried of coming out to your doctor you need to do some research. Call you OB/GYNs in the area and search for a physician that has experience working with Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) individuals.

That is what I do, I learned that I am the client/patient and I want my NEEDS met appropriately by a clinician that knows what they are doing. People are afraid to speak to their doctors, but they want to care for all people so you need to communicate and share your concerns with them. Going to the doctor is part of being a healthy individual, and it shows self-respect.

In addition, a lot of STD’s can be treated and are often the result of uncomfortable and painful sex. It is perfectly alright to ask your partner how many people they have had intercourse with, when is the last time they had sex, if they ever had a HIV test, have they ever exchanged needles or have they ever had an abnormal pap smear (they also have the right not to answer). Sadly many STD’s aren’t noticeable until there is a serious threat, since many remain active below the surface of the skin spreading or dormant infecting others. In fact most times people are infected and are unaware, that’s why you have to get a HIV antibody test and practice safe sex. There are Free Medical Clinics, if you do a search you will find them!

The other problem is that Lesbians who have never slept with a man or who have slept with few men think they are not at risk. However, it is the number of partners that really makes the difference, not the gender. With lesbians the larger the number of female partners has been associated with an increased risk of bacterial vaginosis, herpes, and HPV in various studies.

Safer sex practices can be fun and there are many that do not involve exchange of fluids, such as frottage (rubbing aka dry humping with clothes on), nipple and breast play, sharing sex toys with a condom on, genital touching with gloves, oral sex with a barrier, self masturbation, fantasy, talking dirty, reading or watching porn, cyber relationships, voyeurism and exhibitionism.

Safe sex tips:

  • Talk to your partner/s!
  • Avoid contact with bodily fluids: blood, vaginal, semen and breast milk.
  • Get tested regularly and get your partner/s tested, in fact make it a date, one that will make you both more comfortable and relaxed afterward about exploring each other’s bodies fully!
  • Use dental dams, Lollyes, or plastic wrap for oral-vaginal or oral-anal contact, for example when rimming or cunnilingus.
  • Use gloves for hand-vaginal or hand-anal contact, for example fisting.
  • Change gloves often when moving from vagina to anal play.
  • Wash hands often.
  • Use a condom when having sex with a man (if you are bisexual or still questioning) and when sharing toys.
  • Do not touch your partner then yourself with the same hand. Wash hands first or change hands.
  • Always use water based lube.
  • Urinate after sex; this decreases the risk of urinary tract infection.
  • Wear gloves if there is blood involved, whether from menstrual cycle, piercing, cuts or shaving.
  • Dispose of gloves and condoms carefully.
  • Always clean your toys with antibacterial soap and I would even boil them if possible.
  • DO NOT share needles, for whatever reason (play piercing, IV drug use, permanent piercing or tattooing.)

If you do have an STD you still deserve to be loved and can have sex, you just have to be more cautious and practice safe sex like everyone else. We all deserve to be loved, respected and cared for, just be honest about where you are in life, how much you can give of yourself and how much you need from your partner. Many STD’s are manageable and even treatable if we just take care of ourselves and get medically on a track to promote health in our lives.

You just do not know, so it is important to be careful and mindful. I understand that you are in love and to think of your partner having been with someone else can be disgusting and disturbing. However, the truth is you do not know their past sexual practices, medical status, or history. People make mistakes, slip and are flawed and may not be as monogamous as they promised. So do not pay the price for someone else’s choices, it’s your body so make sure you make healthy decisions for yourself.

Alex Karydi~The Lesbian Guru

I am an Internationally Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor that has been trained in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender LGBT related issues. I write for the Examiner.com as their Lesbian Relationship Expert and am a featured writer on SexGenderBody.com. My intention is to start a movement towards a healthier and more supportive community! Where LGBTs can find each other, learn from one another, and build a stronger support system. I, myself, am on a personal quest in discovery for a healthier gay relationship and self-fulfillment.

Tips For Safe Sex

Sex is something that human beings cannot live without at all, but it also involves the risk of contacting a Sexually Transmitted Disease (STDs) or an unplanned pregnancy. This is where safe sex comes into the picture. Safe sex is the practice of sexual intercourse with full protection in order to prevent STDs or pregnancy and enjoy the pleasure of sex as well. Safe sex in no way dampens or deteriorates the pleasure factor, in fact it adds confidence in the couple so that they can enjoy the moment without thinking about all those nasty stuffs.

Your body is at a risk of contacting sexually transmitted diseases whenever there is an exchange of bodily fluids like semen, vaginal secretion or blood. These diseases are extremely dangerous and may be life threatening. AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome) is one such incurable disease that is transmitted sexually. Other STDs include hepatitis-B, herpes, chlamydia and gonorrhoea. Now the question arises, how can you avoid contacting such diseases?

Among the solutions, the best option is abstinence. Abstinence is the practice of not indulging in any sexual activity with anyone at all and hence, the risk of exchange of body fluids through sex is nil. This method is 100% effective but not at all practical.

The next option is to use a condom. A condom is a thin latex sheath that covers the penis and prevents the contact of genital fluids by acting as a barrier between them. Male condoms are quite inexpensive and readily available in all drug stores and even vending machines. There are also female condoms that cover the entire vaginal wall but these are expensive and not easily available. The use of condoms cuts the risk of contacting a disease by 90% and and that of pregnancy by 95%.

One must be committed in a relationship and have sexual relation with only one partner. Make sure that your partner is free from any STDs before entering into a sexual relationship with him/her. Avoid sexual flings with complete strangers and sex workers as these increase the risk of contacting such diseases. Remember, condoms are not 100% effective.

To avoid unwanted pregnancies women can also use birth control pills, IUDs, diaphragms etc. Remember, if you want to have a tension-free sex life, then safe sex is a must. In no way does it take away the pleasure from you, instead it gives you confidence and peace of mind.

Important Tips and Techniques For Safe Sex

It is true that ‘safe sex’ is not a 100% guaranteed formula that could prevent people from acquiring sexually transmitted diseases while engaging with sexual activities with an infected partner. Safe sex, however, can greatly reduce sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy as well. If we follow the precautions as tips for safe sex, we can prevent many potential risks of acquiring and spreading sexually transmitted diseases, or the STDs.

Avoiding sex, as some suggest, is the best way to avoid sexually transmitted diseases but it is not possible absolutely. Moreover, why should one refrain from such an act that offers so much pleasure? When staying away from having sex is not possible, what could be the next best solution? The solution could simply be the monogamous sexual relation that ensures total protection against any STD.

In monogamous relationships, both of the partners are well known to each other, and they know every secret of each other when it comes to engage in bed. The trust and intimacy of each other never keep any boundaries to express each other. The cooperation and understanding between them keep them working for each other, and do all within powers to help each other in case of need. This results in better maintenance of the sexual health. After abstaining from any kind of sexual act, monogamy is second most highly effective way to prevent STDs.

Abstinence just from sexual intercourse while practicing oral sex has no significance at all, since many sexually transmitted diseases can spread through oral sex as well. In this respect, we should never forget the negative role of oral sex in transmitting the STDs or sexually transmitted diseases.

The use of condom has a limit to offer the protection, and it is not safe 100%. Condoms are available for both men and women. They are not expensive and available anywhere easily. In many cases, the use of condoms helps in preventing STDs and unwanted pregnancy. Female condom is relatively expensive and not easy to find everywhere. In safety terms, it enjoys the same ranking as that of the male condom. However, using condoms helps greatly to avoid the unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, but it is not a foolproof method. If you suspect your potential partner having some kind of STD, for the safe of safe sex, avoid engaging with him or her.

Oral contraceptives can protect you from unwanted pregnancy, not from acquiring any sexually transmitted disease. In short, if you want to follow the rules of safe sex, the best way to protect yourself from any sexually transmitted disease is to have sexual relations only with the very well known partner, such as a husband or wife.